Evolutionary programs, products and services.
A deep cultural understanding of underserved populations and their financial challenges, healthcare needs, purchasing preferences, and travel destinations, enables HXR to match its members with global providers of relevant products and services, when and where they are needed. By stripping away intermediary expenses between provider and consumer, HXR makes accessible affordable products and services that improve the lives of its members.  

We're changing the way our providers market and deliver their products directly to underserved consumers.

As a resource for the underserved that struggle to access human services, basic health care, and lifestyle programs, HXR makes available affordable choices, and a wide array of essential products, services, and programs to its members.


HXR carefully selects provider partners whose missions align with those of our own. Through each phase of the selection process, candidates are fully vetted for product integration, quality control, and deployment management. This ensures that the organizations, workforces, members, and consumers of our clients are well served by including the following products and services:


  • Health and Wellness Plans
  • Risk and Insurance Plans
  • Direct-to-Consumer TeleHealth
  • Dental and Vision Plans
  • Mental Health Assistance
  • Sexual Abuse Assistance 
  • Prescription Drugs Discount Plans
  • Pet Health Discount Plans
  • Identity Protection and Restoration
  • Lifestyle Retail Discounts
  • Legal Services Discounts
  • Travel Booking Discounts for Air, Ground and Sea
  • Travel Safety Nets
  • Hotel & Motel Discounts
  • Auto Services and Discounts
  • Incentive and Rewards Programs

"Our purpose is to provide access to 
programs designed
to improve quality of life."

A disproportionate number of people don't have access to services.

The underserved are historically disadvantaged because of their inability to pay for human services or do not have access to basic health and lifestyle programs. 


The only way to change this paradigm is to reshape the products our providers offer and build them to be accessible by everyone.

We wish to allign our services.

Full-time, part-time, contract
worker retention.

Unprecedented times are forcing companies to look at new ways to retain their workforce.

Community development and outreach partnerships.

We work with our partners to foster diversity, inclusion, and access to resources for everyone.

Direct-to-consumer initiatives.

We help build new markets for engaging consumers that move beyond traditional outreach practices.