Evolutionary programs, products and services.
Powered by its Evolutionary Benefits process, HXR and its partners match the needs of underserved populations to include gig or contract workers, freelancers, students, and retirees, going far beyond traditional employee groups, to the goals of its clients generating standalone services that evolve as circumstances change.

We cut through the clutter of human relations.

HXR connects the needs of underserved consumers to the goals of companies, organizations and institutions through a unique human relations approach we call “Evolutionary Benefits,” an orchestrated business process through which HXR:


  • Analyzes metrics associated with business goals and demographics

  • Defines responsive market initiatives

  • Develops and deploys services to meet underserved needs


Unlike the conventional “take it or leave it” programs of other competitors, ours are "Evolutionary" in nature. HXR actively engages clients in the development of value-add initiatives, timelines and budgets with precise communications surrounding awareness, deployment, and onboarding.

Direct-to-consumer initiatives.

We design and deploy our services and programs to help build new methods for engaging workforce, members, and consumers that move beyond traditional outreach practices. 

BoletoXpress offers it's travelers a safety net.

In partnership with a global retail ground transportation booking company, we offer our Travel Assurance Program to ticketed bus travelers at no additional cost to the consumer.