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Announcing The Arrival of BoletoXpress


In these difficult times, many bus travelers are wary of going into a crowded ticket office or terminal to buy their tickets, and some customers find it difficult to get to a location to buy tickets. Over the past months, we've been working to build a solution that will work now during this global health crisis but permanently to give bus travelers a service twenty-four hours a day from the convenience of their homes.  

          We're proud to announce that BoletoXpress can now handle all customer transactions on line. It's easy, quick, and allows customers safe and convenient service. We're also pleased to announce that with our partner, Palsgo, a primary brand of our affiliate Humanx Resources, LLC, our customers will get a valuable bonus with their tickets at no extra cost.


A Travel Bonus from Palsgo: The Travelers Assurance Program


          When travelers buy their tickets through BoletoXpress, they get something extra at no additional cost. As a safety-net for travelers who book bus tickets through BoletoXpress, we are now offering the Palsgo Travelers Assurance Program. With our Travel Assurance Program, at no additional cost for 30 days starting on the first day of their travel, travelers will receive a travelers benefit package. This package includes access to a doctor around the clock through our Telehealth Plan and deeply discounted prescription drugs, up to 80%  less than the market price at member pharmacies across the U.S. The Prescription Drug Plan includes discounts for over-the-counter drugs and other pharmaceuticals. Travelers will also have added protection with the Legal Services Discounts that entitles access to an attorney at reduced fees. And should a traveler’s identity get stolen, a dedicated team of identity recovery specialists will be assigned at no cost. Learn more about BolotoXpress at usa.boletoxpress.com